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For some building, a new website seems logical and easy, but for many small businesses who focus on face to face customer service the frustration of building an online presence seems overwhelming or not worth the aggravation.   We understand!  Websites have become the new business cards but more than that, they establish brand trust AND can increase your ROI by 88%!

Our mission is to empower and give our clients the VERY best websites that target their key demographics and help them drive customers and revenue into their pocketbooks.

We believe in creating streamline options and being as efficient as possible without sacrificing customer service. Our complete website packages  include 2 consultations, custom branding options, personal website management training and more.   Helping you create completely custom designed website – learn more by visiting our Services Page.



The first step is to book your complimentary 15 min consultation.  We will learn more about your needs, current issues, and help you choose the perfect theme and design options so you have a website you can be proud of and helps generate new client leads!  

STEP 2 - We Build Your Website

Now comes the fun part!  You get to hang out with your family.  Service your customers.  Live a stress-free life knowing that we, here at Easy as Pie Design, are busy creating your mobile-friendly website just for you!

STEP 3 - 1 on 1 Training

Finally, we do a 1-on-1 training with you or your elective staff member over Zoom video conferencing showing you how to manage and run your website.  We have trained all of our clients and you can rest assured that you will come out of this feeling proud and excited about your new website! 


Kelly F

Kelly F

Owner, Little Black Dress

Running a non-profit is takes up so much time I couldn’t dedicate time to getting our website update and mobile friendly. Danielle came in and after a quick consultation completely got our company values, mission, and our target market and in days had our website done and ready to accept donations! Her parent company, Luna Anne, even did branding photos and headshots for our clients. Talk about full service!

Taryn H

Taryn H

Owner, Skagit Wedding Rentals

Danielle’s expansive knowledge and efficient troubleshooting skills solved some time-sensitive issues we were experiencing on our website.  Danielle swooped in and saved the day with her technical expertise and got us back up and running. Easy As Pie Design solved our technical setbacks and allowed to get back to doing what we do best, serving our clients.

Ky W

Ky W

Historian, History Of The Rails

Danielle took my basic ideas and directions for a web site and turned them into an attractive and easy to use web site.  Truly “Easy as Pie”.


Danielle L.


Danielle has over 22 years in IT and Network design, development and training. She is the owner of Gray Lux, Inc. and understands the real needs small businesses have in creating value both online and in person with their clients. She is dedicated to creating successes for her team and her clients.

Charlene O.

IT Manager

Charlene is a master in web development and expert in fancy coding like PHP, AJAX, MySQL, and more.   Well versed in mobile website development Charleen keeps our clients happy with her attention to detail and quick turn around.   Charlene is the team lead on our client projects and thrives creating an amazing experience for our clients.  She is a proud member of the prestigious Society of Programmers and Refined Computer Scientists


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