Project Description

Skagit Wedding Rentals loves helping couples bring their vision and pinterest board to life. They enjoy hearing about each couple’s details and why they are important to them. Here’s a little bit about our team and why we love all things weddings!

Meet Taryn
Hi, I’m Taryn, Owner of Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals. In 2009 my husband proposed to me at Rosario Beach here in the Northwest and the planning process began. At this time, I was Special Education Teacher, a career I loved and saw myself pursuing. During the planning process, I found this new creative outlet, designing my wedding. Seven months later the wedding took place, and what a beautiful event it was. After our wedding, I realized how much I loved the whole process and started Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals that summer.  A few years later, we had our first son. I realized I wanted to find a way to be more involved in his life and made the difficult decision to give up my teaching contract to stay home with him. It was the best decision I could have made. Here I am today, a mom of two young boys (Mason and Liam) finding the balance between running this thriving business, being the best domestic engineer I can be, and enjoying those special moments with my family. Every day I wake up and have to pinch myself. Is this really my life? I can’t believe that I get to spend my days playing with my children and helping people create beautiful and meaningful events. We are so blessed!

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