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Every detail matters from the header to the footer. We focus on using tried and true design principles and techniques to help you built trust with prospects by maximizing growth-focused strategies.


With over 120+ combined years of experience, our team will take your website and marketing to the next level. We take your needs seriously, focusing on creating a simple and incredible experience.


We treat you like family because that’s how much we care. When you succeed, we succeed and your business is making a mark on the world. Long-term relationships matter and we want to grow alongside you.

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We LOVE working with

Service-Based Businesses

who are focused on growing and taking their client's experience to the next level.

Who We Work With

  • Exceptional People
  • Services Based Businesses: IE: Dentists Offices, Plastic Surgeons, Medical Spas, Law Firms, and more
  • Growth-Oriented Leaders

We work closely with you and your business to find out what’s working (and what isn’t) so together we create a streamlined WordPress website to turn leads into fans.

Our talented team at Easy As Pie Design are experts in their fields and know exactly how to design, create, and maintain a trust-building website for your business.

We LOVE taking the tough stuff off your plate to design the perfect custom-designed website for you.

Best Plastic Surgeon SEO Marketing

Combine scroll-stopping content with a clean design and an efficient back-end. You’ll be on your way to building trust 10x more with your end-user in mind and encourage them to do business with you.

Our motto is Simple Fast Results and we do just that. With an average 30-day turnaround time, a robust consultation, all you need to do is give us the material and we work our magic.


This is who we are and we are 100% here to support your business for long-term success.


"Our revenue increased 45% from online traffic alone!  We went from 150 views a month to an average of 3,000 over the course of just 28 months."

SEO Marketing for Medical Spa

Creative Manager | Founder

Danielle has over 30 years in Marketing, IT, and Network design, development, and workforce leadership training. She is the owner of Gray Lux, Inc. She understands the real needs a small businesses has in creating value online and in-person with their clients.

She is dedicated to creating successes for her team and her clients.

Danielle has helped hundreds of small businesses maximize extra revenue streams, and has created a process for extracting an ROI from an ROE in training and development which is currently being used in over 100+ corporations.

Degrees: Marketing, Business, Technology & Information Management.
Certifications: Six Sigma, Lean Management, Fix This Next, CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, Web Design, and NLP.

Your Team


Executive Account Manager 
With over 10+ years of being a people manager, Tina is our guru of maximizing your team's skills, business needs, and technology.


S.E.O. Strategist
Master of identifying marketing opportunities to help clients grow leads through tried and true S.E.O strategies.


Social Media & Marketing Expert
Building social media profiles from 0 to thousands, Sofie specializes in creating authentic influencers and brands.


Content and Conversion Master
Kristen writes copy that sells and content that educates. She specializes in writing sales funnels and helps you grow your business with words.


Chief Nerd
From 100% custom-designed software, portals and fine tuning API's. Chris as a full-stack developer and his team have you covered!


WordPress Support
Yunikos specializes in content updating and maximizing your code to increase SEO and conversion!  (She's also an avid traveler!)



The Boss
Need we say more?  Don't be surprised if we are on a zoom call, and our boss calls us away to feed him, chase a red dot, or lay across the keyboard.

Support Staff


Pinterest Growth Manager


Email and Technology Efficiency Expert


Cache and Optimization Strategist


AI Development & Membership Portal Systems


Membership Portals


Web Design


Localization Social Media & Sales


Technical SEO

We Can't Wait To Work With You!

SEO Marketing for Dentists


How long does the audit process take?

Our process takes 6-8 weeks to complete.

Phase 1 - We will deep dive into your business and discover the gaps in your internal and external services that will benefit from custom technology creation or streamlining your current systems.

Phase 2 - We will conduct research and put together a strategic plan with a custom-built solution or simplify your current systems to reduce redundancies and save you loads of time and money.

Phase 3 - The 12-18 month action plan includes delivering elite results. At Easy As Pie Design, we treat you like family and create long-term relationships to ensure we help your business grow and increase your revenue effectively for lifetime success.

How long does the website process take?
While most agencies typically take 100 days, we can custom-design your WordPress website in 30 days. Once you’ve chosen your package, you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete. After it’s done, our 24-hour team of developers, managers, and creatives will create your dream website. We are by your side every step of the way and keep you posted so you know exactly what’s going on.


Why do I need monthly maintenance for my website?
Monthly updates done by the pros save you time from updating information yourself, save money from getting different people to fix minor problems that pop up from time to time, and keep your website performance running as smooth as butter. Your user experience means everything to your business so we take the time to clean it up and maintain the overall look, feel, and performance of your website.
Why is Inbound Marketing SEO so important?

Inbound Marketing + SEO drives your business forward. When your content is optimized, you’re more likely to rank higher on Google searches and makes it easier for your target market to find YOU. This is the foundation of inbound marketing and one of the most key factors in online business growth. SEO takes time (6-9 months) to show it works and (up to 18 months) and converts. It takes a ton of time and effort to start seeing SEO results but works incredibly well when done properly.

Why should I hire a firm instead of hiring in-house?

Working with a team of experts who have individual specializations and knowledge is always best instead of hiring one person in-house to do it all without the proper knowledge. Our experts have over 120+ years of combined experience in their fields and produce exceptional work for our clients. Hiring a firm to complete your website from start to finish takes less time and can save you thousands of dollars from trying to hire people who might make mistakes or not take the project as seriously.

What is your average client investment?

Investments start at $15,500 for a custom-created website with all the bells and whistles. Our clients value return on their investment and getting the job done right the first time. When you invest in your website, you are dedicated to your business growth and mission. We produce high-quality custom-designed websites and the investment covers the design and monthly maintenance so that your website is always working for you.  View all pricing by Clicking Here

Why do we specialize in wordpress?

WordPress is a special website builder that allows you to custom-design your website, your way. We have been specializing in WordPress for over 15 years. WordPress is the best platform because it helps your website rank higher on Google, it’s easy to customize, simple to manage, and is secure.

What industries do we work with?

Easy As Pie Design works with service-based businesses that value quality, a supportive team, and trust the experts to build their dream website and marketing that will attract and convert.

Have Questions?

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