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We pride ourselves on amazing customer service and support for our clients. What truly separates us from our competitors is our dedication to making sure you are fully confident with your website and how it works.

To provide the best customer service, we offer not one but TWO separate consultations with each of our clients. We take the time to make sure we thoroughly understand your needs as a business and walk you through the process step-by-step so you feel confident managing your website when it is complete.

We even offer extra training options for your staff or continual maintenance programs for our VIP clients. Learn more below:

First Consultation - Learn about your business

  • We pride ourselves on really getting to know who you are as a business, your target clients, and the image you are trying to present to the world. We help you work on your branding message and how to optimize your website flow so your clients feel secure hiring you.
  • After you chose your template we will email you with a suggested day/time for your consultation. We will then meet on zoom and video chat and answer all your questions in person.
  • We want you to feel confident you are making the right choice for your business needs and we know customer service is the key element to create a great company.

Second Consultation - Training

  • Your website is up and running and now its time to train you or a member of your team to manage your website efficiently so you can stay focused on what you do best – running your company! 
  • We teach you how to change content, add pictures,  how to change contact information, or even how to add new employees as your business grows! We will answer all your questions so you can get started the right way.
  • This training consultation is fun, interactive, and very informative. We will teach you my simple steps and my top tricks for managing your website so you feel confident and in control of your business website brand. NO prior experience is needed. (Seriously!)
  • We focus on getting you up and running simple, fast and easy! 
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