Our top asked questions

How does this whole process work?

We understand how frustrating and confusing creating a website can be. There are so many dynamics that if you don’t work in the industry you might just want to throw your hands up and say “My company is doing fine, I don’t need a website!” However, the days of doing business without having an online presence have passed and we are here to make that transition simple and easy. We care about your business and your clients. We pride ourselves on creating a simple process for you.

Your first step is to choose HOW we can help you by booking your complimentary 15 min consultation.  Within 48 business hours, we will email you the next steps, including confirming your complimentary consultation to learn more about your company and your target clients. Second, we will take all the information you give us and create your new website with your information. Finally, we will have an easy training consultation over Zoom where I will train you on how to manage and add content to your website in the future. Without sacrificing customer service, we give you a process that is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3!

What kind of business do you work with?

We work with a wide range of businesses and clients ranging from septic designers to podcasters. We specialize in small and family-owned businesses. Many of our clients have under 100 employees and spend most of their days managing the day to day aspects of their companies. Our clients take pride in their work, value quality products, and great customer service. They are men and women who prefer to take action and make strategic decisions in their companies and clients to create a great community and fantastic work environment.

Can you help write content for my website?

Absolutely! We know how tedious and frustrating it can be to write content, especially if you don’t have a writer on staff. Our content writers specialize in SEO and keywords so you can be assured your website will have the right wording to help promote your specific services and clients. Content writing, whether it’s your about page, weekly blog series, or an email newsletter can be created and managed by our team for you via a monthly service plan. If this is something you would like more information on, please contact us for full details.

Can you help me source photos for my website?

Yes, we partner with Luna Anne, a master photographer based right outside Seattle Washington. Luna Anne is well versed in corporate and commercial photography including head shots, commercial buildings, and specifically our most requested types of photos, Branding Sessions. No longer do you have to use cheesy stock photos to promote your company. Luna Anne will have a consultation with your Marketing and Branding Managers and custom design a suite of stock photos using your staff, your company locations, and your products. Whether you are Solopreneur or running a 50M dollar business, Branding Sessions are a great way to maximize the trust between you and your clients. Contact us today to learn more and take advantage of this value-added option.

Can I update or change my website after launch?

Absolutely, this is your website! We even will train you with a complimentary 1-hour consultation after your website goes live on how to do this. However, we understand that sometimes you just want someone else to take care of updating, maintaining, and other day-to-day operations of running a website. We offer monthly services to help you keep your website up to date and compliant with the newest trends and web requirements. Contact us to learn more about services we can customize just for your business or to inquire about extra consultations so we can teach your staff.

How much will this cost?

We believe in creating streamline options and being as efficient as possible without sacrificing customer service. Our complete website packages  include 2 consultations, custom branding options, personal website management training and more.   Helping you create completely custom designed website.  Read more options on our Services Page.

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