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Marketing with the End of Mind

How We Do It

Choose Package

Give us a few details about your website, your products, and your competition. If you don’t know, that’s totally fine too – we’ll walk you through it and figure it out for you.

Onboarding Call

After confirmation of package, your campaign manager will schedule an onboarding call to review the campaign and answer questions. Once you approve the order, we begin working!

We’ll design your campaign

We’ll investigate your site, your competition, and determine the best strategy for you. We’ll take a look at easy-win keywords and find the gaps in your content.

Start the campaign production

Once approved, the fulfillment process typically takes 30 days to be completed. If you would like to be hands-off, we can auto-approve your orders ten days after submission.

Track results

We get it, tracking SEO results takes time and patience. That’s why we also give you access to our campaign report to check your current keyword rankings and progression.

Receive a report and follow up

Each month you’ll receive reports of everything we’ve done, 100% transparent. You’ll have the opportunity to book a call to review your progress with your campaign manager every quarter!


"Going all-in with an aggressive SEO and Inbound Marking campaign was 100% the best decision we made.  Our business went from 18K a month to $350K+ per month!

I'm forever thankful for Easy As Pie Design!"

Grow Your Rankings & Traffic


Audit & Research Report

We will identify terms that you’re already ranking for near the top of google and optimize your site to rank higher. This gets us quicker traffic jumps than starting from scratch.

Content Creation & Optimization

We’ll make sure you have the right type of content on your site. Any new content will be optimized to rank highly in search engines!

Strategic Link Building

One of the most important factors in ranking is the links that come to your site from other websites. We’ll create a diversified, effective link building plan to push your site to the top.

Fully-Managed, Advanced SEO Service



Get a customized plan to rank.


Your own personal SEO expert.


Know exactly what is happening with your campaigns.
Easy As Pie Design Marketing

Go Beyond Fancy Words

Our SEO Marketing Strategy is more then pretty words and pages, we curate and develop high-quality content to solve problems and provide value for your leads


Marketing Audit

Figure out what’s working and what isn’t in your marketing strategy. We’ll help you find the leaks and decide how to fix them.

Messaging Refinement

Your copy is crucial to speak to your audience’s pain points and desires. Our team will create a memorable brand message so your website speaks for itself and sells on its own.

Domain Authority

Your Domain Authority (DA) is comprised of a series of authority and trust-building techniques that Google uses to rank your website.  DA is the highest-ranking metric and accounts for 1/4th of your SEO influence.


SEO Optimization

Increase organic traffic from Google search by focusing on Domain Authority and strong foundational backlinks. Hone in on your keywords and anchor text, conduct target market research, and ensure every piece of content answers every question so your leads can easily drive traffic to your offers.

Marketing Management

Thumb-stopping, binge-worthy content is what we’re all about. Your website will be packed with shareable and savable value-driven content right in front of your target market’s feed.

Refine, Refine, Refine

We don’t leave you high and dry. Expect us to continuously support you by refining your SEO and maintaining a solid inbound marketing strategy and continually optimizing your technology for as long as your business runs.

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Why should you choose us?


Target Market Focus


Monthly Website Updates


Dedicated Account Manager


Authentic Backlinking


Scientifically Proven Strategies


Lean Managment Driven


Over 120+ Years Of Combined Expertise


Social Media Audience Engagement


Focus On Modern & Sleek Design


High-Converting Marketing Content


Domain Authority Experts


Commitment To Your Business Growth

Align your marketing with where your business is headed.

Scale your business!

Align your Website and Marketing with where your business is headed.

Grow Your Clients SEO Marketing


How long does the audit process take?

Our process takes 6-8 weeks to complete.

Phase 1 - We will deep dive into your business and discover the gaps in your internal and external services that will benefit from custom technology creation or streamlining your current systems.

Phase 2 - We will conduct research and put together a strategic plan with a custom-built solution or simplify your current systems to reduce redundancies and save you loads of time and money.

Phase 3 - The 12-18 month action plan includes delivering elite results. At Easy As Pie Design, we treat you like family and create long-term relationships to ensure we help your business grow and increase your revenue effectively for lifetime success.

How long does the website process take?
While most agencies typically take 100 days, we can custom-design your WordPress website in 30 days. Once you’ve chosen your package, you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete. After it’s done, our 24-hour team of developers, managers, and creatives will create your dream website. We are by your side every step of the way and keep you posted so you know exactly what’s going on.


Why do I need monthly maintenance for my website?
Monthly updates done by the pros save you time from updating information yourself, save money from getting different people to fix minor problems that pop up from time to time, and keep your website performance running as smooth as butter. Your user experience means everything to your business so we take the time to clean it up and maintain the overall look, feel, and performance of your website.
Why is Inbound Marketing SEO so important?

Inbound Marketing + SEO drives your business forward. When your content is optimized, you’re more likely to rank higher on Google searches and makes it easier for your target market to find YOU. This is the foundation of inbound marketing and one of the most key factors in online business growth. SEO takes time (6-9 months) to show it works and (up to 18 months) and converts. It takes a ton of time and effort to start seeing SEO results but works incredibly well when done properly.

Why should I hire a firm instead of hiring in-house?

Working with a team of experts who have individual specializations and knowledge is always best instead of hiring one person in-house to do it all without the proper knowledge. Our experts have over 120+ years of combined experience in their fields and produce exceptional work for our clients. Hiring a firm to complete your website from start to finish takes less time and can save you thousands of dollars from trying to hire people who might make mistakes or not take the project as seriously.

What is your average client investment?

Investments start at $15,500 for a custom-created website with all the bells and whistles. Our clients value return on their investment and getting the job done right the first time. When you invest in your website, you are dedicated to your business growth and mission. We produce high-quality custom-designed websites and the investment covers the design and monthly maintenance so that your website is always working for you.  View all pricing by Clicking Here

Why do we specialize in wordpress?

WordPress is a special website builder that allows you to custom-design your website, your way. We have been specializing in WordPress for over 15 years. WordPress is the best platform because it helps your website rank higher on Google, it’s easy to customize, simple to manage, and is secure.

What industries do we work with?

Easy As Pie Design works with service-based businesses that value quality, a supportive team, and trust the experts to build their dream website and marketing that will attract and convert.

Have Questions?

If there’s a question we haven’t answered yet, let us know!

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