Planning / Research

If you know your website & marketing needs to be improved, but you don’t understand how to move forward, we are thrilled to meet with you in a private video call and perform a full Website Audit on how to refine your marketing strategy, decrease your churn, attract your target client, and more. At the end of your Discovery Discussion, we will provide you with a clear Research Proposal of our suggestions for change and opportunities for improvement. Our clients always tell us how much they’ve valued and enjoyed this part of of the planning process.

Website Audit:  $1200

Website Design

We believe in creating streamline options and being as efficient as possible without sacrificing customer service. Our complete website packages include 2 consultations, custom branding options, personal website management training and more.   Helping you create completely custom designed website.  

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Websites start at $6500

Hosting / SSL

Hosting and having a secure site is one of the most important things you need in today’s age.   We are thrilled to offer our clients a corporate level of hosting discounted price of only $55 a month when pre-purchased and auto billed once a year, normally $135 a month! 

1 Year Hosting: $55 a month (Auto billed once a year)
Quarterly Hosting: $75 a month (Auto billed every quarter)
Monthly Hosting: $135 a month (Auto billed monthly)
Yearly SSL:  $275 (Auto billed once a year)

Website Maintenance / Technical Services

Most clients realize that they want to continually update their website.  Maybe you need help keeping everything up to date and secure every month, or you would like help customizing your blog or pages because of your information changes (IE Restaurant or Magazine!) … This is a great option for those who just don’t want the daily management of running their website and want a GREAT value.  Put us on retainer and SAVE MONEY and time while doing so! 

Monthly Retainer for website maintenance (3 months minimum)
$500 – 3 hours a month (rewards you with an extra 30 minutes of service saving you $100!)
$1000 – 6 hours a month (rewards you with an extra 1 hour of service saving you $200!)
$2000 – 12 hours a month (rewards you with an extra 2 hours of service saving you $400!)

Design / Training Services

Our Al A Cart hourly service is a great way if you just need a little help here or there!  Get new staff trained or learn how to maximize your website for your business needs!

$200 per hour

Online Marketing Strategy / Services

We all know the importance of an online marketing strategy, but it often can be overwhelming. Where do you begin? What should you do? How do you get your target market to call you? Let us help you take the guesswork out of this confusing process with our 6-month. 3-part Branding, Marketing and Project Plan Analysis. You’ll walk away knowing who your target demographic is, how to drive them to your website and how to maximize your online presence. 

$7500 = Three-Part: Branding, Marketing Analysis, and Project Plan

Are you at a point in your business that you are ready to turn your marketing activities over to someone and focus on your clients? Are you ready to take the bold leap to define, create, and build your brand and target audience. Are ready to take your business to the level you know it deserves? Our online marketing experts and services are the perfect fit. We will deep dive and build your Integrated Marketing Communication plan, create custom content every week for your website, create and manage your newsletter campaigns, even maximize pinterest marketing so you get the highest ROE possible. All this and so much more! 

$15000 = Full IMC Plan, USP, Marketing SWOT, Complete Marketing Audit, Content Analysis and Management, Creation of content for your audience, Pinterest Marketing Analysis , creation, and management, and more! 

Blogging / Email Setup and Management

Email converts faster than any other medium!  Including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, even blogging!  Email is how you keep in touch with your target audience.   It is also the must under-utilized for small businesses and has the HIGHEST ROI!  Don’t let this valuable resource go to waste – keep in touch with your clients and make sure you are top of mind with them EVERY week!  Maximize your email list and get the sales your company needs.

GSuite Email + Administration Setup
One Time Fee: $200

Email Opt-in Software
One Time Fee: $200

Social Share Software
One Time Fee: $200

Content Writing Starts At:
$950 Website up to 5 pages
$250 About Page Only

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