The Power of 90 Day Goal Setting

May 22, 2024

We are currently at the start of 2019, so people are working on goals and resolutions for the year. It is fun and exciting to make big goals that you imaging achieving by the end of the year, but unfortunately, it is also really hard to reach those big goals over the course of the year. A more effective way to goal-set is in 90-day increments. It is a proven way to reach goals more consistently and more quickly.

Shorter Time Frames Are More Effective

When you set goals to be achieved in 90 days you are forcing yourself into a shorter time frame to meet your goal. When you set a goal in January to complete in 12 months it feels like you have all the time in the world and you procrastinate. With a 90-day deadline, you have to work on it every day to make it happen. If you are truly trying to reach a goal in 90 days, you will never have time to procrastinate because the deadline is right around the corner.

Faster Feedback Loop

Sometimes when we are working toward a goal we realize that something we are doing is not working. We often do not look at the process until we have not met our goal, so with long time frames, we waste a lot of time doing things that do not work. With a 90-day goal you get feedback really quickly, so you can adjust reach your goal more quickly.

Forces You to Work Everyday

Whether you have big goals or small ones, by putting them into a 90-day time frame you will be more likely to make quick progress because you have to act every day to meet the deadline. If you are like me it is exciting to meet a goal, and when the deadline is looming my motivation kicks into overdrive. With 90-day goal setting the deadline is always ever present, so you get that kick of motivation daily.

One of my favorite tools for 90-day planning is the 90X planner, you can find on Amazon. No matter what you goal, using 90-day goal setting is perfect for fast feedback, motivation and quick results.

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