The Power of Long-Form Landing Pages

May 22, 2024

The Power of Long-Form Landing Pages

When a potential client finds themselves on your landing page the goal is for them to take action on the offer you are making. One of the more effective tools is the long-form landing page. Today we are sharing why we think this is an amazing tool for business owners who offer a product or service that needs more explanation or asks for a big investment from the client.

Long-Form Or Short? What’s The Difference?

A long-form landing page is composed of a lot of relevant information and ends with a call to action (CTA).  A short-form landing page feature less information and gives the CTA sooner. It is commonly thought that long-form is great if the website visitor needs a lot of information to make a decision and short-form is better for CTA’s that do not require much more than your contact information.

Why Use A Long-Form Landing Page?

Long-form landing pages offer a lot of information to a potential customer, this style of page is excellent if you’re looking for visitors to buy into a specific result or outcome. If you’re asking them to invest in a high dollar product or service or into something that is highly detailed this type of landing page allows for a lot of information, and answers to any questions the potential client may have. By answering all their questions and concerns you mitigate any objections to the sale. This is necessary as unanswered questions can often turn potential customers away.

Why Long-Form Landing Pages are Powerful

Consumers appreciate long-form landing pages because it offers them ample information. If presented well, consumers will feel informed and ready to make a decision about your product or service.

Since there is a lot of information you will be providing on a long-form landing page, it should be visually clean and easy to read. Use a basic but powerful header, and clean design with ample white space. If there are minimal visual distractions, there’s less room for you to lose that potential customer’s attention and their business.

Most importantly, make your CTA clear,  compelling and singular.  You can make the offer a number of times, but you want to choose one action step that you are asking them to take. If you offer too many options, the visitor may choose none. If you have one clear offer and all of the page content leads them to that offer you are more likely to convince them to take the action you want. You can say it as many times as you organically can on the long-form landing page, with different wording, even if you like. Just make sure that in the end, you’re asking your potential customers to do one thing, and you give them clear and easy ways to do just that.

If you are selling products or services that ask a lot from the consumer, long-form landing pages are the way to go. When consumers are given the information, they didn’t even know they needed, they feel less anxious and more informed about completing the purchase, and that’s a better outcome for your business every time.

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