We have talked a lot about SEO on this blog and how important it is to a digital marketing campaign. Despite its importance, a lot of people still don’t know what it is, or how to handle it effectively. There are many savvy SEO experts you can hire to handle SEO strategy for you, but we think that every business owner should have a basic knowledge of what SEO is and what strategies are effective and which ones are not. Today we want to tell you about some common SEO strategy mistakes that should be avoided.

Only Directing Links to Your Homepage

 Although it may seem logical to have all your SEO results sent to your homepage, this is actually a very common mistake. Your homepage shouldn’t be the receiver of all links, especially your top phrases. Instead, try to build subpages that are content-rich on your site and direct traffic to those pages as well. You’ll end up with tons of backlinks to your important subpages, all seen differently by Google’s eyes. Your website will seem professional and filled with high-quality content.

Not Enough High-Content Pages

 Excellent content is the core of your website and it should be your #1 priority. Good content is easy to spot, it gets shared and linked over and over again by readers. Good, content is what Google loves, and it’s what your readers will love. Try to have articles that bring a new story, share facts, or offers a different view on a subject. The more exceptional content you have the better your search engine rankings will be.

Poor Social Media Presence

How active is your brand on social media? Search engines analyze the way people interact with your brand on social media platforms. The better your engagement, the more SEO benefits your business receives.

No Mobile Optimization

Google has made it very clear that being mobile-friendly is a key factor in terms of ranking in search results. In order to rank well in web searches, mobile optimization is a must. Making sure your site is optimized for mobile users should be a top priority. You can put a ton of work into an SEO strategy, but when your site is not mobile-friendly that work is often a waste.

While these are just a handful of SEO strategy mistakes, they are big ones. By fixing these mistakes your will increase your SEO strategy success and you can tackle other challenges that come up in your overall marketing strategy.

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