Video marketing has been on the rise for a couple of years. For quite a while it was simply an option when it came to delivering content, but now using video has become a standard part of any marketing plan. There are a variety of reasons why video has become important and today we want to discuss the reasons that you should embrace video in your business’s content marketing strategy.

Consumers Prefer Video

A recent study found that four times as many consumers actually prefer to watch a video about a product or service rather than reading about it in a blog post. Seeing a video makes them feel like they understand the product or service better and feel more confident in their decision to move forward. If you are a personal brand video can also accelerate the know/like/trust feelings because they are seeing your personality in a video. 

Creates Authenticity

Video has the ability to create an authenticity that text simply cannot. When you or someone from your business is speaking their passion and personality can come through in a way that written word just cannot accomplish. It humanizes your business and makes it feel relatable and authentic which is what consumers are looking for in all aspects of life. 

Captures Attention

When scrolling through a social media feed still images get a glance before they are gone. Video stops the scroll in its tracks. People will stop and watch in a way that they will not for other types of content. This creates a unique opportunity for getting content in front of previously lost consumers. Good video makes people take notice! This is the time to use this medium before social media is overly saturated. 


If you are a person who is comfortable with live stream video, this is an engagement gold mine. People are spending three times longer watching live video on social media versus those that have been prerecorded. Your social media followers like to see live video and they will reward you with engagement. Live video can feel awkward at first, but practice makes perfect. 

With the right techniques, video marketing can be a gold mine for your business. It is highly effective in increasing brand awareness, generating leads, increasing sales, and connecting with your audience. With more consumers consuming video content, it’s vital to begin implementing a video marketing strategy to get in front of your audience. 

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