Sales and marketing are two very different but very important functions of any business. They are often mashed together in the minds of entrepreneurs and one activity is measured by the other activities results. So, today we want to define what is included in sales and marketing and how they work together for your business’s success.

 What Are Marketing Activities?

 Marketing activities are meant to spark the interest of the potential client, educate them about your business and your offering and drive them to want more information about how you can help them. Marketing is informing and attracting leads that are then turned over the sales team for the sales process.

Marketing activities include:

  • Internet marketing
  • Print marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Website
  • Networking

 What Are Sales Activities?

 The sales process starts when a potential client enters the sales funnel. This means that once a they have reached out for more information or filled out a consultation form, they are now a sales prospect. Sales staff manage the relationship and move them to be a paying client.

 Sales Activities include:

  • Generating Sales Leads
  • Qualifying Sales Leads
  • Preparing for Sales Meetings
  • Making Initial Contact
  • Handling Buyer Resistance
  • Account Maintenance
  • Closing the Sale


How Do Sales & Marketing Departments Work Together?

 The best way to create effective sales/marketing relationship is to define shared goals, identify the company’s ideal client, and define the lead generation process and when a lead is handed over to the sales team. There should also be a clear plan for lead management, and an outline how sales and marketing performance will be measured. These protocols will manage expectations around sales and marketing activities and roles and eliminate confusion inside the departments.

Both sales and marketing are working to increase revenue in the business. Whether your business has a one person sales and marketing department or two separate teams, it is important that all activities work together to accomplish the same goal.


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