The Importance of Investing In Your Business

May 22, 2024

Entrepreneurs often struggle to invest money in their own businesses. We resist paying others because we think we can do everything ourselves and we do not value our time as much as we value our money. Time is finite, we can never get it back. You can earn more money anytime you want but you can never get back the time you spend trying to DIY your business. So, why is it important to invest your money in your business through hiring out the project, looking for the right creatives, and buying back your own time? 

Reduces Stress 

A major reason to invest money in your business is that it reduces your stress. If you are trying to perform every role in your business and serve your clients you are likely STRESSED! Your business is not getting the best of you and your clients are not either. You might be on the verge of burn out and you have or will stagnate in your business growth. The fastest way to remove stress is to take tasks off your plate and all that costs is money. 

You Are Taking Your Business Seriously

Many people say that the first time you exchange money for a product or service is when you go from having a hobby to a business, which is true. We also believe that when you invest money in your business you go from entrepreneur to CEO. A CEO is the visionary of the business and knows that hiring the right professionals to work on projects and perform tasks allows them to do their job which is to lead the business. By investing and stepping into the CEO role you are taking your business seriously, you know that your time is better spent serving your clients than trying to cobble together a new website,  write content or any number of business activities that are not in your wheelhouse. 

Live in Your Zone of Genius

That brings us to the most important reason to invest money into your business, it allows you to work in your zone of genius. You started your business to offer a specific product or service that is what you are passionate about and what you are an expert in or on. When you try to do everything in your business you spend time outside of this zone doing things that you may not have any affinity for at all. This is a huge waste of precious time and can create a huge stopping point in your business growth. Once you invest to hire experts to work on your business you will be free to focus on what only you can do. 

As business owners, we are striving for our clients to buy our product or service. Many of us offer services that could be DIY’d by our potential clients, and we spend time educating against them trying to do just that. If you as the business owner are not valuing your time and expertise enough to invest your money in hiring the correct professionals how can you expect that others will see the value in you. Investing in your business is about more than finding room in your budget, it is about knowing your value and knowing where your time is best spent to serve your clients and create an amazing business. 

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Danielle has over 30 years in Marketing, IT, and Network design, development, and workforce leadership training. She has helped hundreds of small businesses maximize extra revenue streams, and has created a process for extracting an ROI from an ROE in training and development which is currently being used in over 100+ corporations.

Danielle LaFleur


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